The wife and I took two weeks off and decided to go check out Bengaluru. Of the locals there, quite a few couldn't understand why a young newly married couple would choose to go to another metropolitan city to holiday when they could have easily chosen better and colder avenues.

To that, we laugh. We aren't a normal couple. We enjoy embarking on the unknown, with  a little pocket-change to spare.

Bali in 2015

So this has been long over due. I travelled to Bali in August of 2014 for the first Asia Fearless Conference. While I did learn a lot, to shoot more often is what I tried to do while there. However, I did realize that you can't holiday and shoot at the same time. Well not at the same pace of other tourists anyway. Every activity ended up being twice as long. e.g travel from point A to B which would take 45 mins would take me 75 mins due to the camera. 

Although there are a lot of pictures that I clicked I'm uploading just a few.

Terima Kasih for reading.


India: The land of villages

So I'll collage all the pictures I've taken on my travels in the motherland here. It's better than having a post of its own. Also, this way I can aim to keep putting up more posts of countries and not just cities I've been to.


I was born in Kerala but I grew up in Bombay (Mumbai as it came to known later). I've always had a fascination for Kerala. I spend a lot of my childhood days playing in the fields with my cousins and chickens. 

I haven't really had a chance to just go around and have fun here but I plan to.