PVR & Eshita

That's not his name. His name is Venkata Rajesh P but his friends thought it'd be easier to call him PVR. Little did I know that meeting a fellow traveller on a bus to the train station would change so many steps in both our lives. PVR, an IIM-grad-turned-photographer was on a flight from Mumbai to Kochi and even though we saw each other on the flight, we only spoke on the bus to the train station. Our love for photography got us talking. I was already a wedding photographer then and PVR was soon to take the leap into being a full-time photographer.

5 years later, just as he was getting married (a month after I did), I was really excited to cover my first Bengali wedding in Kolkata. I always wondered what would have happened if we didn't say hello to each other, share a rickshaw and eat a meal at Aluva station while waiting for our train. It's also wonderful how dates seemed to fit perfectly for my wedding bookings. Take for instance the 13th of December. The only date I wasn't shooting the entire month and was hence, able to shoot another wedding photographer's wedding (my third actually). Makes you believe in pre-destination, or maybe not. But this isn't about PVR and me. This is about PVR and Eshita and that beautiful day in December 2016. A big thanks to both for letting me do this!



Priyam & Nikita

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