Paras & Rashi | Mumbai

I have realised after falling in love myself that love is a choice. It isn't something that is written in the stars or in a Hollywood script. There isn't a 'finding the right one' as much as 'being the right one'. I asked Paras recently why he chose to marry Rashi. His answer was brilliant. "Because she keeps me from falling apart. And I do the same for her."

While juggling the roles of the best-man and the photographer was increasingly difficult, my team and I managed to get some really fun shots over the three days! 

Make up : Adelkatherinebob 
Cocktail Dress: Payal Nagpal
Reception Dress: Harshita Punjabi
Photographers: Oscar Varghese, Rachel Francis and Ruel Rebello

Day One : Cocktail

Day Two : Haldi & Mehendi 

Day Three : Wedding & Reception