Bennett & Kristel | Mumbai

Ah! What a privilege it was to shoot this wedding in the rain! The silver lining in this dark cloud was the joy on the faces of everyone who came for the wedding. From the shining couple and their parents to the guests who took it in stride while standing under makeshift tarpaulins and umbrellas to witness the sacred bond of love.

Bennett and Kristel now have a great quote to encourage themselves in the most difficult of situations; "Even the rains couldn't stop our wedding day."

The only two people who thanked God for the rain were, possibly, me and Royd because while everyone thought this could have ruined the wedding, we knew what it really was; a blessing in disguise. Also, the decorators and the venue staff have to be applauded for making the guests feel comfortable in the worst possible weather (links to their pages below).

Dark clouds and rain meant really good lighting conditions. Mix that with true love and an indomitable sea of guests and we've got a recipe for the most kick-ass wedding party ever! 

The team that made it happen:
Makeup : Lovey Lacerda
Wedding Gown : Merrill Fleur Weddings
Venue : Sea Green Lawns – The Resort, Madh
MC: Elvis D’Souza
Caterers: Bayleaf
Decor : Gabriellas Wedding Décor and Bridal Accessories
Photography : Oscar Varghese & Royd Tauro